Sales should be simpler

One click.
Zero friction.

QuickChat is the instant messaging tool that connects prospects directly to your team’s account manager with just one click. No bots. Nothing to download. Just real, one-on-one connections for truly frictionless, fast, frustration-free sales.
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Real-time responses only.

No one has time to go back and forth with phone calls and emails, and texts from salespeople can feel intrusive. When you share a QuickChat link with prospects, they’ll be able to respond with an instant message. They’ll reach the same person directly every time they chat, so no one has to play catch-up with previous conversations.

Bots are for leads. Humans are for closing

Let’s face it: customers spend way too much time saying “representative, please.” Bots are great for lead generation, but QuickChat leaves the closing to your salespeople —  which means prospects feel seen, heard, and well taken care of. 

Power to the prospects.

Chasing after prospects? Not anymore. Just share your QuickChat link and let customers reach out to you on their own. They’ll be able to ask specific questions about their own needs, so all that’s left to do is make sure your team has the answers. The customer’s always right within reach.

Time is our essence.

QuickChat leaves no time for prospects to check out other competitors. It’s quick, efficient and it only takes one click — not to mention, it works seamlessly with your other sales tools, with virtually no onboarding required.

How It Works

Download a QuickChat button and add it to your email signature.
Hyperlink the button with your unique QuickChat URL
Sit back, relax, and let the chats roll in.
Communicate in real time, share files, and quickly build a rapport.

Get on board.

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